From Past Mistakes to New Beginnings

Meet Caleb…October (13)

Landing a job after incarceration is one of the hardest aspects of adjusting back into society. For Caleb Blanton, starting his own business seemed to be the only option for getting his feet back on the ground and to stay on the right track. “I knew that if I wanted to work again, I’d have to start my own business,” he says.

Blanton was referred to Goodwill’s GoodBiz training program from his counselor at the time. With a business concept already in mind, Blanton enrolled in the program to bring his plan to life. “I knew I wanted to do something in the recycling industry, but the program helped me expand on that,” he says. Through the program, Blanton received proper business certifications, financial assistance, developed a résumé and successfully launched his own business – Toad’s Junk Removal.

Upon completion of the GoodBiz program, Blanton continued expanding his business services and experiences. “I wanted to stand out. I knew there’s no such thing as being overqualified,” he says. Having an interest in construction, he enrolled in the Apartment Maintenance Technician training program, designed to provide credentialed training and job placement assistance. While in the program, Blanton worked as an intern for Habitat for Humanity and five months into the internship, secured full-time employment with the organization.

October (14)

As a two-time Goodwill program graduate, Blanton is thankful for Goodwill. “There are so many ways Goodwill helped me. They [Goodwill] worked wonders in my life and held me accountable. Every Wednesday, I felt better because of the positive motivation and encouragement they provided me with,” he says.

Receiving a legal and dependable paycheck is only a portion of the satisfaction for Blanton’s hard work and success. “Working for Habitat for Humanity and getting to see the impact I have on other people’s lives is what feeds my soul,” Blanton says. Despite his past, Blanton now works full-time and owns his own business. With help from Goodwill, Blanton turned past mistakes into a new future. He hopes to continue his success by expanding Toad’s Junk Removal to take on bigger jobs and eventually into a house-flipping business.